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Hair Care

A vibrant and bushy hair is a must of beauty.

Then how we should treat our hair?

Here *Diorella's haircare that she has done for years:

- 1 egg yolk,

- 1 Dodex, 1 Evin (Its old name is Evigen) and 1 Bepanthen ampule,

- Almond oil and castor oil (1/3 of a little bottle)

Blend all of these babies and apply onto your hair skin by an unused toothbrush. And then cover your hair with a piece of cling film. You can wait for 2 or 3 hours.

Well how these products are useful for our hair?

*Proteins are constituents of our bodies. Eggs contain so much protein. Thus, they are so important for our hair to grow well and get vibrant.
*Dodex: It's a B12 vitamin. It motivates hair follices. So hair loss can be prevented. Also, it activates the cells that are in the body of hairs.
*Evin: It's an E vitamin. It cleans hair skin. So you can get rid of accumulating dead skin cells, bakteria and infilammation (if there is). It  also protects hair follicels from probable damages.
*Bepanthen Ampule: It is used for so many things and a must of hair masks.
*Almond Oil: It makes hair more shiny and softer.
*Castor Oil: It helps hair grow and reduce hair loss by nourishing hair follicels. 

You can find ampules in pharmacies. Each box contains 5 pieces and it's really cheap. Also, these oils can be provided from herbalists, Watsons and Gratis stores. 

Try this mask at least twice a week! I'm looking forward to hear the results :)

*Who is Diorella? Comming Soon! :)

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