6 Nisan 2015 Pazartesi

MAC - Spiked Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows define our look and facial expression. Formerly, tinner eyebrows were popular. But thick eyebrows have been popular nowadays.. I will explain how we can get eyebrows done thicker on my next posts. This time, I want to write about how i shape my eyebrows.

I used to use eyeshadows to fill the gaps on my eyebrows (because they provide more natural results when we compare them with eyebrow pencils.) until I met MAC Spiked. If you apply it on your brows lightly, you can get very good looking eventhough it's a pencil. Just be careful while pushing the pen-nib. If you push it more than you need, you cannot get it back.

If you press it hard on your eyebrows, they will not look natural at all ! at the same time, it may cause your eyebrows fall off..

There are a few kind of MAC eyebrow pencils. Spiked is convenient with my skin, hair and eyebrow color. You can easily get one which is available for you. It lasts long which is another benefit of this product.

I apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Propencil on to my brow bone after I use the Spiked. It makes my eyebrows seems raised and remarkable. You don't have to use propencil to have this effect. You can use any white eyeshadows ;) Finally I comb my eyebrows by a little brush to have much more natural looking.

In my opinion, Eyebrows get makeup looked flawless as much as a mascara ;)

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