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-In English- Real Techniques Core Collection

I've been so ill for a few days as you know.. I'm feeling much better today.. I hope I'll completely be alright until next monday.. I want to prepare an article about brushes when I'm home :) 

Makeup brushes provide you to get 100% performance of products. We can use our fingers while applying eyeshadows or foundation. But we cannot get a flawless result as much as a brush supplies. Also, I want to state that a brush isn't used for only one purpose. You can use them for anything that you wish.

Many brands have their own makeup brushes. You can buy them which are affordable for you. I want to represent Real Techniques-Core Collection Brushes. Their price is a bit more suitable when we compare with MAC's.

The brushes are in their own bag. This bag contains 4 different brushes. I bought them from Gratis. It wasn't a sale time. Gratis doesn't often sell this brand at a discount.

You can use its bag like on the photo below..

I love them so much because they are very soft and really good at providing nice results. Their bristles don't fall off after washing them, as well..

I suppose, you can see their shapes much better on the photo below..

Let's survey these brushes one by one.. Firstly, I want you to tell about Buffing Brush which is my favorite. You can use your foundation by this one. It supplies having foundation on my face equally. It doesn't cause any brush trace. I love its sofly touch so much. I think everyone should have this brush.

Top appearance of Buffing Brush..

Contour Brush.. As you know very well, contouring & highlighting are so popular. You can contour under your cheek bones, on your forehead and jawbones by this brush easily. Its size and structure are so available to contour. The bronzer powder that I use for contouring and this baby matched very well ;) 

Pointed Foundation Brush.. In my opinion, it's so small for applying foundation on your whole face. I use it to apply concealer under-eye-area.

Lastly, Detailer Brush.. It's very good at applying products on small areas on our faces. You can use it to highlight your brow bone, inner corner of your eyes or put lipstick on your lips. I often use it for the inner corner of my eyes.

Real Techniques; created by Samantha & Nicole Chapman Sisters. They launched their firs products in 2011. If you search for 'Pixiwoo' on Youtube, then you can reach their channel :)

I have also starter kit of R.T. I'm planning to write an article about it on the next days..

I really wonder your comments about these babies. Please leave a comment.. 

I'm sorry if there are any mistakes in the article in English :) 

With Love,

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